Montclair State University Hackathon

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What is this?

HawkHack is a 24-hour hackathon event at Montclair State University. Students of any majors are welcome to form a team and build awesome software and hardware projects. Industry experts and mentors will be there to help and guide students and create a learning environment through talks, workshops, and one-on-one guidance. We encourage anyone from beginner to advanced developers to challenge themselves and create something awesome.

When and Where?

Saturday, March 30th - Sunday, March 31st in the Student Center Ballrooms


Saturday, March 30

9:00 AM

Check in

10:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

11:00 AM

Hacking Begins

11:00 AM

Team Building Activity

11:30 AM


12:30 PM

Google Talk: Telling Your Technology Story

2:00 PM

Google Workshop: How To Use GCP Credits

3:30 PM

Netflix & Lifion Talk: Hackathon Tactics

5:00 PM

UPS Workshop: NLP and Virtual Assistants

6:30 PM


7:30 PM

Cup Stacking

8:00 PM

Gaming Area Opens

8:40 PM

Nerf Gun Battle Royale

11:00 PM

Party Games

Sunday, March 31

12:00 AM

Gaming Area Closes

12:00 AM

Midnight Snack

1:00 AM

Party Games End

1:00 AM

HawkHack T-Shirt Handout

6:30 AM


11:00 AM

Hacking Ends

11:00 PM


12:00 PM

Judging and Demos

2:15 PM

Closing Ceremony


What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are an intense event that bring together software developers, graphic designers and user interface specialists along with industry process experts and professionals to identify issues and create software solutions, usually within a weekend.

What is the goal of the hackathon?

We want to create an environment that embraces new ideas and technology solutions. A place where people passionate in technology can come innovate the industry.

I'm new, what should I do?

We would love to have you at HawkHack! Throughout the event we will be hosting workshops where you can try new things, start a project for that idea you always had in mind, and receive help from industry experts.

How much coding experience do I need?

Absolutely none. Hackathons are a great place to learn and get advice from experienced hackers. We'll also host plenty of workshops and have plenty of mentors so by the end of the 24 hours you'll have a working project even if you haven't coded a day in your life before. We also host a prize for best beginner hack.

Who can come?

If you're at a current college/university student, a recent graduate (up to 1 year), or a high school student, you're more than welcome to attend! We are open to students of all academic backgrounds and skill levels, so whether you’re an aspiring artist or an expert engineer, there’s a place for you at HawkHack!

Do I need a team?

You are welcome to come solo or in a group no more than 4. We will provide means for you to find a team if you don’t have one.

What if I can't stay for full 24 hours?

That is fine! Although we encourage you to do so and make the best of the event, you are free to leave whenever you want and come back later.

How much does it cost to attend?

FREE, that’s how much. The event is completely FREE to attend. FREE food, FREE games, FREE fun. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Do I need to bring a computer?

Yes, all participants must come with their own laptop if they intend to code during the competition. Laptops will not be provided.

Will hardware be provided?

Not at this time, but students are encouraged to bring their own if they have a specific device in mind they would like to use.

How will I get there?

You are responsible for finding your own transportation. Ideally, try and find a ride because we don't recommend driving back for safety reasons after a hackathon. We can help find you a carpool. We will not be providing travel reimbursement at this time.

Can I win anything?

Yes! The only way to find out is to participate in the hackathon!

How will I get there?

Just click the big "Register Now" button up top. Make sure you check your email too since we'll be having your verify your email address and sending acceptances through there too!

Do you guys have a slack?

Yes we do! You can join it here:

How can I or my company become a sponsor?

If you'd like to sponsor, please send us an email at and our team will get back to you promptly.

I have another question!

For anymore questions, you can reach us on our slack which you can join here: